We Are One World

This project brings together two friends: Mrs. Schicke's Class in Langeoog, Germany and Mrs. Amri's Class in West Linn, Oregon USA. We look forward to strengthening our friendship this year, as we learn more about each other, our schools, and our lives. We know that when we look closely at the similarities and differences between us, we realize that we are one world, just one. When we focus on the things we have in common we know that we can, as children, create a better world: a world of peace, hope and love.

Mrs. Amri's Class

Hi Mrs. Amri's class!
We are very excited to be your partner in learning this year. Let's have a lot of fun and really good learning experiences.
Sharing ideas and friendship even when there are so many miles between us is great. We love to get to know how you live, what you like and what you dislike.
Everyone of us is different, but it is our common world, we will have to take care of, and our common heritage as being responsible humans.
Thank you, for being willing to make friends with us!

Mrs. Schicke's class